Skating in the sun
and drinking mocktails

On Saturday the 18th of September 2021 we shared some fresh Stēap mocktails at an open-air film screening from Stadsnomade. Stadsnomade is a non-profit organization based in Maastricht that operates with a social mission at the field of sporting, social and cultural domains in the interest of young people.

Mick Wiertz (@youthworkworks) is one of the founders of this great initiative and delivers the youth a weekly skateboarding session. We know Mick since a couple of years, and he is always ready for new and inspiring adventures. We might… throw up a little joint venture Stēap X Stadsnomade festival somewhere in the future to celebrate with good energy!

Have a look at their website to check out their upcoming events!

Only good vibes when you drink this hibiscus rose. Fruity taste with floral notes. A perfect pick me up to start the day.

Pure green tea with a lightly sweet taste, mildly nutty and without any bitter tannins. An improved classic!

This taste of orange and mint gives a fresh kick on its own. Oh, and this one makes a great ice tea too!