Energy delivery to one of the best
made-to-measure wardrobe companies.

On 30 August 2021 we delivered some Stēap Energy at Noteborn. This dutch made-to-measure wardrobe company designs a comprehensive collection of basic elements, styles and shapes, while you choose the dimensions, materials, handles and interiors. Noteborn asked us to give their employees some positive energy to start their new calendar year and we did! Our Stēap Energy truck stood right in front of their entrance where everyone was welcomed with a cold Stēap Mocktail during this surprisingly sunny day. On top of that, we gave every employee a box of our three different Stēap (teabags) flavours. To be honest, it wasn’t easy to transport our little Energy Truck to the front door of Noteborn, it exactly fitted in the trailer of one of our friends (close to 1mm). But it all turned out well.

Have a look at Noteborn’s website ( if you are interested in a perfectly designed built in wardrobe. They transport their products all over the world! Hopefully we will do the same with our positive Stēap energy soon!

If you or your company are interested in an Stēap energy delivery to boost your employees. Please send us a mail ( and we will make a personal offer!

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