Exciting news!
We are part of Makers van Maastricht!

Since October 2021 we have a wonderful collaboration with Makers van Maastricht, a platform providing a joint venture to creatives and entrepreneurs from Maastricht. We are excited to be part of this local platform, since we believe it is incredibly important to support local businesses. A great thanks to the organisation of Makers van Maastricht for this great opportunity,  you’ll find Stēap in many more stores in the future, thanks to them!

Have a look at their website (www.makersvanmaastricht.nl) to check out Stēap and many more great local products!

Only good vibes when you drink this hibiscus rose. Fruity taste with floral notes. A perfect pick me up to start the day.
Pure green tea with a lightly sweet taste, mildly nutty and without any bitter tannins. An improved classic!

This taste of orange and mint gives a fresh kick on its own. Oh, and this one makes a great ice tea too!